End of Ballparks on a Budget

From the beginning of Ballparks on a Budget to the end! 2012 to the left and 2015 to the right!

From the beginning of Ballparks on a Budget to the end! 2012 to the left and 2015 to the right!

I think by now it’s a bit obvious that this blog is coming to an end, but I figured I should give a little update on here. This past winter I decided that I wanted to go after all the NFL stadiums in a single season and with a new venture, I had to make some sacrifices financially. Baseball unfortunately was one of them. After going to many, many games over the last three seasons, it killed me to only go to two live games this year. At least I got to experience Reds Opening Day and see my Yankees up in Cleveland (they lost in 16 innings :(… see slideshow below for some pictures!).

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Baseball will always be a big part of my life, but this fall I’ll be tackling (pun intended… I couldn’t resist!) the NFL by going to 32 games in pursuit of the Guinness World Record for Fastest to see a game in every NFL stadium. I kick that off on 9/13 in Oakland and am ready for my next great sports adventure. I hope you will visit my new website- Sports Wanderlust and follow along! Also I’m raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. It’s the biggest House in the world and they need our help as they house thousands of families with children experiencing medical hardship every year. Please find it in your heart to visit their website and donate what you can.

Thank you for reading my blog and joining me on my baseball trips over the last three years. I’ve enjoyed documenting my journeys on this site and loved reading your comments and experiences even more!  Please come over to Sports Wanderlust and continue to share in my love for sports and travel!

xoxo -Alicia

Pictures from Reds Opening Day 2015

Checked off another item in my Baseball Bucket List this past Monday when I went down to work Reds Opening Day for a promotional company. If you’re looking for a way to attend sporting events, concerts, or just hang out at a bar, I would recommend looking into promotional work. You can usually get started in the Craigslist Gigs section and take it from there! Anyways, enjoy my pictures and start planning your trip to the All-Star Game. If it’s anything like Reds Opening Day, it’s going to be a blast!:

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Ballpark Food… It’s So Hot Right Now

Exactly how I feel about ballpark food options!

Exactly how I feel about ballpark food options!

In the last two weeks, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without reading about a new food item being offered at an MLB park. It started with that crazy Churro Dog from the Diamondbacks and escalated to a College Daze Bloody Mary topped with a pizza slice compliments of the Twins. Continue reading

2015 MLB Promotional Schedules

Whoever thought of promotional giveaways was a genius.

I for one love them and all the cool stuff I get when I attend a live sporting event. Most teams have stepped up their game big time in this department the last few baseball seasons.

Generic hats and t-shirts are a thing of the past… even bobble heads are becoming old news! Nowadays you have decorative socks, purses, fedoras (still weird.), even sombreros.

Click around on the team links below to see what’s up for grabs at the ballparks and plan your ballpark visits accordingly!

These are your 2015 MLB Promotional Schedules : Continue reading

Baseball Trips with Kids on a Budget

Kids of summer... throwback to our Cleveland Municipal days.

Kids of summer… throwback to our Cleveland Municipal days.

Weren’t Jezzie and I cute when we were little? Going to Indians games growing up was a summer staple in the Barnhart house. Reflecting on it now, I’m impressed that my dad took us to so many games… and bought us food… and bought us souvenirs (we were the worst!).

This post is for all you parents out there that love baseball and want to pass down your fandom (good and bad!) to your kids in the best way possible: at the ballpark! Enjoy these tips to making baseball trips affordable and fun for the whole family: Continue reading

Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

I show you how to be a ballpark hottie for $15 or less!

In case you missed it yesterday, VS Pink dropped their latest MLB Collection. It was perfection (duh) and I wanted it all… but unfortunately I can’t justify spending that much on Yankees gear every single season. Until better more lucritive days come, I’ll stick to MLB Shop sales (they usually do a 50% off VS Pink gear a day or two) and buying clearance shirts to cut up.

I’ve been cruisin’ around Pinterest looking for cute shirt ideas this week and came across a great idea for a summer tank. It’s a subtle but sexy way to spruce up an old shirt.

Follow the steps below for a unique spin on the everyday MLB shirt: Continue reading

Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

I show you how to be a ballpark hottie for $15 or less!

I’ve been staring at my big box of MLB t-shirts all winter thinking, “I really need finish that blog series and get rid of those shirts.”

Well it’s March now and despite the snowpocalypse outside, I finally got my scissors out finished them up.

While I was “researching” shirt ideas on Pinterest, I kept stumbling upon this skull face cut out design.  Even though I thought it looked cool, I dismissed it at first thinking a skull didn’t really tie into baseball. Then it hit me… the Jolly Roger flag… this is the perfect shirt for the Pittsburgh Pirates! I then had to quickly check to make sure I hadn’t done the Pirates already and as luck would have it, I hadn’t. Continue reading

Can’t Make Spring Training? Go on a Ballpark Tour!

Not all of us can make it out to Phoenix or down to Florida for Spring Training, but there another way to get a small baseball fix as we wait for Opening Day- a ballpark tour!

While I was in Los Angeles… or the OC as I was corrected, I took advantage of being near three MLB ballparks and hit them up with my friend Preston (the Minimalist Ballpark Art guy). We both love baseball and while he was eager to find new art angles, I was ready to bask in the glory of being a sidekick and hopefully find a little inspiration of my own. Continue reading

Baseball is better in person- take yourself out to the ballgame!