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Merry Christmas from BOAB!!

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

This year has been wonderful, thank you for being a part of it.

Hope you are with the ones you love this holiday… talking free agency and arguing over who has the best team. ;)

See you in 2015!!

God Bless… xoxo Alicia

Ohio state vs Michigan 2014

Surviving Baseball Off-Season (with college football)

You can always spot me in Ohio carrying my Yankees bag proudly!

You can always spot me in Ohio carrying my Yankees bag proudly!

Surviving the baseball off-season is at times a daunting task. If you remember my post from last January, I was coping with the help of another American staple- bourbon.

Things aren’t that dire just yet- ask me again when it’s just basketball. With the Arizona Fall League and Japan All-Star Series, the start of free agency, and the Baseball Winter Meetings next week there’s still plenty of baseball news for me to consume. The Japan All-Star Series in particular had me itching to see baseball overseas, something I started to think about when vacationing in Puerto Rico. Fairly certain I will be adding international ballpark chasing  to my Baseball Bucket List! Continue reading

My Ballpark Summer Review from Chuck Booth of MLB Reports

Ballpark Collage

If you’re a ballpark fanatic and you haven’t heard of Chuck Booth, well shame on you for one and more importantly- you’re missing out!

Chuck and I found each other on Twitter, as I have connected with countless amazing baseball fans. I was blown away by his world record of seeing all 30 MLB ballparks in 23 days. Here I thought one summer was impressive!

He was kind enough to buy my book, read it, and just yesterday he posted a review over on his website- MLB Reports. Here’s the beginning of the review, though you’ll have to click over to his site to continue reading: Continue reading

kauffman stadium, kansas city royals

Fan Follow Friday: Troy Olsen, Kansas City Royals

kauffman stadium, kansas city royals

Fan Follow Friday puts the spotlight weekly on one of my readers, as they share their favorite ballparks and  baseball memories. Hope you enjoy hearing their stories!! In honor a fantastic postseason run, we go to Kansas City and hear from Troy Olsen, a Royals fan: Continue reading

2014 World Series

2014 World Series and MLB Playoff Thoughts

Picture from @MLB Twitter.

Picture from @MLB Twitter.

Can’t believe the World Series starts tomorrow, the postseason has flown by (too many sweeps)! I’m going with the Giants- I enjoy watching them, love Buster Posey, and this shouldn’t surprise anyone- I don’t like “Cinderella stories.” Also, I consider my birth year special since the Royals won the World Series of all things. Let’s keep that sacred my friends.

Figured I’d give you a brief synopsis of what I thought of the playoffs and see what you guys thought as well! Continue reading

derek jeter final curtain call

Derek Jeter is Officially Retired

derek jeter final at bat in fenway park

What were you doing during Derek Jeter’s final at bat yesterday? I was sitting on my aunt and uncle’s couch taking pictures of the TV as I watched him go out on top- with a hit and RBI. Couldn’t be more perfect to see him play his final game in Fenway, a rivalry I’ve enjoyed with a fan base I respect. It was fitting to see him go out in the gray uniform too, as I grew up watching him when the Yanks came to Cleveland. Didn’t see him in the iconic pinstripes until a family trip in the mid 2000s.  Continue reading

sf giants

Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

Selfies will have to suffice for now... have to find someone to take my picture!!

I show you how to be a ballpark hottie for $15 or less!

Giants Shirt

During the Kiss Cam at Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday, a split couple poured beers on one another and it flew around social media. Who didn’t enjoy that and wonder if that girl reads my blog for t-shirt ideas? Well maybe that’s a stretch, but here’s how you can make her scoreboard worthy shirt!

Follow the steps below for a unique spin on the everyday MLB shirt: Continue reading

san diego

Save Money on Travel When Visiting MLB Ballparks

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I was searching Pinterest for budget travel advice and came across the post How to Save Money on Travel- 52 Ideas by Ytravel Blog and thought I would share it.

Some of the travel advice is more geared toward international travel, which might come in handy if you’re pursuing ballparks outside the US (something I hinted I’d like to start doing a few weeks ago!). I went through the list and picked out what I thought was the most relevant advice for domestic baseball travel and added my comments on some things in parentheses. If you’d like to see the full list, click the link above. Continue reading

Baseball is better in person- take yourself out to the ballgame!